Introduction – confession about pebble art

Welcome to my webpage! My name is Erzsébet Furmen (Erzsébet Szilajka), I am the person who thought up the “Pebble Artist” webpage. The colour and shape of the pebbles, the richness of their patterns and the beauty of nature inspire my pebble pictures and works of art. It is truly amazing to “cooperate” with nature as a pebble artist. I use all the pebbles in their original form shaped only by nature itself – this is the essence of pebble art. I make my pebble pictures with all my heart, cheerfully, which I do hope is noticeable. It really makes me delighted to get feedbacks from my clients saying my pebble pictures are “heart-warming”, “soothing”, “send a message of peace” or  “thought-provoking”. This is that “extra” I can provide with my pebble pictures. I do hope I will experience even more delight and pass it on – when from inspiration to realization- the pebble picture finds its owner or someone finds the picture which really relates to them. I am glad if I can show beyond myself with my pictures. According to my faith, all creations point at God, the Creator. He is the real “Pebble Artist”.

The pebbles are static and dynamic at the same time. It all depends on how much the artist can picture her feelings, movements created in her mind into the pebble picture, the completed work of art. Many times the feedbacks state that my pictures “are almost moving” and their atmosphere evokes deep emotions in their viewer. This is the way how pebble art works.
In the process of making my pebble pictures many unplanned details are being shaped, I let my fantasy work and also let my feelings and thoughts impregnate the message. This way the completed picture becomes dynamic in spite of the fact that the pebbles themselves play a static role in the work of art. The outcome is like a photo taken in the perfect time. It includes the movement, the feeling, the story which can be continued. This way there are not only pebbles in the pebble pictures but invisible fingerprints and “soul-prints” as well.

The process of creation teaches me to let things go, as it is always difficult to bring myself to part with my pebble pictures. However, the feeling of letting things go makes me feel free. Real delight wants to be shared with others, while insisting on something makes us selfish and rigid. It is a wonderful feeling to see when a pebble picture finds its owner even though it means I have to say goodbye to a part of my pebble collection.

I often rely on my customer’s ideas but I do use my artistic freedom to produce art.
If I only listen to myself, I love simplicity and clear lines. I do think that the most essential elements in life stand or fall on the simplest things. For me, art is adding that little something extra to simple subject matters such as love between two people or family members. It does not only reconstruct a genre scene but also adds something to it for which it is worth stopping and thinking. Pebble art makes it really possible.

I do believe that the completed work of art, the pebble picture, is not only my creation but much more a mutual creation of the artist and the receiver. These two things together is pebble art. It only becomes a real work of art if it really means something to the receiver as they have the opportunity to add their own feelings and thoughts as well. Pebbles have no face, so anyone can enter and play a part in a pebble picture...

Let’s work together! Do not hesitate to contact me and let me know what your ideas are.

Erzsébet Szilajka
Pebble Artist